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    Anyone who counts the Palace of Westminster as their place of work is filled with an overwhelming sense of sadness over the lives lost on Wednesday. But, if I am completely honest, laced with that deep sorrow is a tiny sense of something very like relief, at least in one narrow respect: that the attack, and the misery it unleashed, wasn’t even worse.

    For Keith Palmer, the policeman who, day in day out,Buy kanken dual colour online, guarded me and my colleagues – and I speak as a former officer of the Metropolitan police – there is no relief; nor for his poor wife, family and friends. Nor for other innocent victims and their families. Their loss is absolute, overwhelming, unimaginable. But there could, easily, have been even greater loss of life, and with it even greater physical pain and emotional carnage.
    Parliament security to be reviewed by police and authorities
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    As a Liberal Democrat peer, now the party’s home affairs spokesperson, I guess it is my job to tear lumps out of a Conservative government for which I have little sympathy. But not after this. Security is graver than party politics. So I write simply in the spirit of improving security. That security must be balanced with an obligation to keep parliament open to the people. We shouldn’t turn Westminster into Fort Knox,Cheap fjallraven re kanken mini, even if such a thing were possible. But we can improve security, for politicians, staff and, crucially, police on the frontline.

    Those officers are not armed. Armed support is a distance away. No one wants an ostentatious display of force, which would only increase that sense of alienation many feel about “Westminster”. But this attack shows, alas, that armed officers should be directly behind that frontline. Otherwise lives will be lost that could be saved. In

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