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    In March, I told you that 2016 is the year of falling uncertainty ― the year when fear of unknowns such as Brexit, the US election, negative rates and oil prices fade, boosting stocks. Life has gone on since then, uncertainty is gradually falling, and stocks are discounting it by recovering. Whatever you fear, now is the time to invest. If you wait for full clarity, it’s too late.

    When 2016 began, America had 17 presidential candidates and several others who might run. Now we have two. The Republican field winnowed to Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Bernie Sanders lingers, but that uncertainty will evaporate by July’s party convention.

    The more uncertainty flies out the window, the more markets can focus on likely outcomes and start discounting them. Now that the race has simplified, stocks can get to know Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton, get used to the idea of either as president, and price it in. The last question mark vanishes on November 8,Buy kanken big online, when the results are in ― but don’t wait for the vote tally. Markets will pre-price the winner as the race hits the home stretch,Buy kanken kids online, probably in August and through the debates in September and October. It’s what they do.

    Meanwhile, the Brexit vote is coming soon to a theatre near you. In a month the uncertainty evaporates. Will Remain win? Or Leave? How bad would Brexit be? No one can know now, but we know when we’ll know (June 24).

    Here too, don’t wait. Fear of the worst is baked in, and it’s highly unlikely an actual Brexit goes even worse than that. Hence a non-disaster is likely. Whether things go a bit or a lot better than disaster, better than expected is bullish. Markets are already seeing this and discounting it. You’ve seen many articles, in this paper and elsewhere, gutting those doom-and-g

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