How to share documents and photos on the forums ?

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    Hi Pro, welcome to the forums.
    Here is a guide about how to share documents on the forum for new members or those who do not know how to share documents on the forums.
    First of all, in this forum you can not directly posted onto the document. That the posting of documents to site is through (You must register first if you want to up document).

    19-08-2014 1-34-29 PM.jpg

    Interface after you log in:

    Choose file in your computer and upload.

    Then you copy link in the data.oto-hui

    Next, you will creat a file ".txt" with content (name of the ".txt" file maybe Title of the topic):

    Continue, In the "Post new Thread" you choose "Upload a File" and choose the file ".txt" you just created.
    And finally, You click "Create Thread".
    This is the simple steps to shared your file on the forums. Good luck to u ...:)

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